Do You Want to Feel More Energized,
Rejuvenated & Balanced?

Energy Medicine, Sound Healing, Vibrational Therapy Can Help You:

  • Reduce Trauma & Chronic Pain
  • Diminish Mental Anxiety
  • Relieve Stress & Depression
  • Gain a new positive perspective on life
  • Create a Sense of Well Being and Peace


Whether you are just beginning to explore holistic healing modalities or you are interested in expanding your current health care methods, I am your go-to person regarding the improvement of your life and health.

Call me at 519-495-31212 today to book your FREE energy assessment!

These therapies can be practiced as stand-alone or be combined with traditional medicine and other modalities. Treatments are available in person or through distance healing.

With my support we choose the modality/modalities that will work with your needs. Improve your everyday life by creating balance and wellness in a holistic way in your body, mind and spirit!

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